Interesting Road Signs (Klara's collection)



These photos of interesting road signs were collected by us during different trips and some donated by friends or other travelers.

1. Tunisia / Desert
Arabic STOP sign
2-3. Tunisia / Desert
Camels might cross the road
4. South Africa
Do not sell orange
along the highway
5-6. South Africa
Watch out for hippopotami
7. South Africa
Don't feed the monkeys.
Fed monkey is dead monkey.
8. Egypt
Allah Akbar (God is the Greatest)
9. Egypt / Desert
Do not enter - Danger of mines
10. Egypt / Peninsula Sinai
Reduce your speed
11. Jordan
Road Sign for Haj pilgrims towards Mekka and
Allah Akbar (God is the Greatest)
12. Lappland (Northern Finland)
Watch out for reindeers

13. Lappland (Northern Finland) / Tankavaara
Danger of mosquitos

14. Czech Republic
STOP sign in phosphorescent frame
15. Romania / Kolozsvár-Cluj
STOP Tourists
Do not visit the church during the liturgy
16. Hungary / Budapest
Old-fashioned  STOP  sign
in the entrance gate of the abandoned Cable Factory
(Budafoki út)


 =============    ROAD SIGNS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  ===============  
17. Tunisia / Desert
Road covered by sand
18. Hungary / Budapest (17 Aug. 2002)
Road flooded by River Danube
19. Austria
Highway covered by snow

20. Hungary / Lake Sástó in Mountain Mátra
No swim in the Lake
21. Hungary / Mountain Mátra
Dangerous slope
22. Austria, Vienna
Sleighing prohibited
(photo courtesy of a friend)
23. Austria
24. Austria
Ski ways crossing
25. Austria
No Toboggan
26. Austria
No Toboggan
27. Hungary / Mountain Mátra
No horn, slow driving and Jesus

28. No dogs allowed here :)))
(photo courtesy of a friend)
29. Croatia, Island Rab
Be careful, cars fall in water
30. Croatia, Rovinj
No dogs allowed
31. Croatia
Keep out, mine fields

32. Croatia, Plitvica Lakes
Nothing allowed
33. Croatia, Plitvica Lakes
Danger of bears
34. Hungary, Hármashatárhegy
Too many rules
35. Hungary,  Budapest
No garbage deposit
36. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Courtesy of Gard Karlsen, Norway
37. Haifa, Israel
Even dogs have bowel movement but not here. YOU CLEAN IT OR U PAY 430 NIS --- HAIFA Municipality
(courtesy of our friend, Meir)
38. Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Stay on the track, beware of cobras
(courtesy of Marko, Croatia)
39. Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Danger of pumas
(courtesy of Marko, Croatia)
40. Arequipa - Chivay, Peru

Lamas on the road
(courtesy of Marko, Croatia)
41. Community Hope, Arizona, US
Leaving the town a funny sign says: "You're now beyond Hope".
(courtesy of Marko, Croatia)
42. No crossing for high sailing boats
 Under the bridge between islands Pašman and Ugljan, Croatia
(courtesy of Györgyi and Otto)
43. Over precise road sign, slope of 5,9% (not 6%!)
South Korea
(courtesy of Marko)


44. Changi Airport, Malaysia
Cacti might hurt your hand..
45. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
46. Malaysia
Danger of wheel clamp
47. Malaysia
Feeding monkeys = fine 250 $
48. Malaysia
No admittance
Intruders will be shot ?????
49. Sentosa, Malaysia
No Pets Allowed in Water Feature
50. Malaysia
No cigarettes under 18 !
51. Singapore
Many things prohibited here
52. Singapore
No  parking of bicycle
53. Singapore
No  cross-walking
54. Singapore
No  sleeping in the underpass
No skateboarding
55. Singapore
No  fishing
56. Singapore
No fishing, no biking, no dog, no skating
57. Singapore,
No  motorbikes
58. Singapore
No  cat on copy machine
59. Singapore
No  scooter riding here
60. Singapore Zoo
No climb over the railing
61. Singapore Zoo
No  feeding of monkeys
62. Singapore Zoo
Nicotine kills insects
63. Anything allowed here?
Kijev, Ukraine
 (photo cortesy of friend Marko)
64. Roadsigns
Manhattan, New York, USA
65. Smile
Pennsylvania, USA
66. No alcohol here
De La Ware Group, Pennsylvania, USA
67. Don't kill bears
Pennsylvania, USA
68. Fire danger
Pennsylvania, USA
69. Sign posts
Pennsylvania, USA
70. Roadsigns
Pennsylvania, USA
71. Adult outlet
Pennsylvania, USA
72. Do not climb into Niagara Falls
New York state, USA
73. No telescope usage?  No dogs.
Lake Huron, Canada
74. STOP sign for pedestrians
Blue Mountains, Canada
75. Trucks possible from side streets
76. Pre-sign for roadworker signman
77. Is there something allowed for skiers?  - Canada 78. Don't feed wild animals. Coyote alerts -
Vancouver, Canada
79. Littering might cost 500 $
Toronto, Canada
80. Turn right to find a QUESTION
Toronto, Canada
81. German Octoberfest in JUNE  - New York State, USA 82. No pissing, no littering... otherwise pay fine
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
83. Dogpoop - put it in this box
Maastricht, The Netherlands
84. Parkhouse for bikes
Utrecht, The Netherlands
85. People can be killed on roads Germany 86. Precise info about bus traffic
Hamburg, Germany
87. Weapons are not allowed here  (.hm . and in other places allowed?)
Hamburg, Germany
88. Potatoes Cellar is exactly 254,71 m far away
Lübeck, Germany
89. Historical country signs, Serbia 90. Notification for landmines
91. Diskont Pića - funny advertisement (at least in Hungarian)
92. Sad memory of the South-Slavic War - Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina 93. No dogpoop
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
94. No street music
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
95. No bike parking
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
96. Park rules: allowed and prohibited -
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
97. Beware of pickpockets
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
98. Elderly people might cross the road
Rye, England
99. What is prohibited on the beach
Hastings, England
100. Deep water - WHERE ?
Arundel, England
101. Ducks might cross the road
Arundel, England
102. Crossing of wild-boars
Carmel,California, USA
103. Beware of mountain lions
Oak Grove, Big Sur, CA, USA
104. The historical years when Germany was split: 1945-90
Former border between East and West Germany
105. River crossing by 4x4 - notifications
106. Birds flow very low here
107. Blindhead
108. Goats
109. No horse riding
110. Next petrol station 268 km, only 4x4 cars - Iceland
111. No dog, no ball
Moščenička Draga, Croatia
(photo from Marko)
112. Keep the green !
Moščenička Draga, Croatia
(photo from Marko)
113. Very silly parking info
Mátraháza, Hungary
114. No sleighing,
Kékestető, top of Hungary
115. Complicated parking system: first buy a ticket in a shop, then validate it and put behind the windscreen
Szeged - Hungary
116. No swimming here
River  Tisza
Szeged - Hungary
117. Danger of falling into crevasses
Sella Ronda - Italy
(photo cortesy of Marko)
118. Be aware of ratraks maintaining ski slopes
Sella Ronda - Italy
(photo cortesy of Marko)
119. Carry your backpack in your hand while sitting in chairlift
Sella Ronda - Italy
(photo cortesy of Marko)
120. Danger of avalanche
Sella Ronda - Italy
(photo cortesy of Marko)
121. Are these your sausages? 
If yes, it would cost 36 EUR
Vienna, Austriy
122. Access only allowed for horse carts
Krakow, Poland
123. Lot of signs in Peter Grons street
Sandefjord, Norway
124. "Reduce speed"
Cairo, Egypt
125. Clean up after your dog
126. Troll in Rome,
127. No bike, no roller skates
128. "Hong Kong"  metro station in Hong Kong, China 129. Many things are prohibited
Hong Kong, China
130. Offer your seat for those who need it
Hong Kong Metro, China
131. Stop sign
132. Stop sign in Shanghai
133. Beware of byting dog
Zalaszántó , Hungary
134. Sign of town Sidi Bou Said,
135. Keep distance from cyclists
136. Reindeers might cross the road
137. Sheep might cross the road
138. Fasten your seat belt, Norway
139.Trollstigen -  The way of Trolls
140. Clean up after your dog
141. Signs in city tour boat
142. Speed limit, Romania
143. Border between Eurpoe and Asia -  Istanbul, Turkey
144. Road of John Paul II Pope,
Pécs, Hungary
145. Reindeers might walk in the tunnel, Norway 146. Road liable to flooding, England
147. Inhabitabts of this village are  watching heighbours' houses, England 148. Snow disaster on 15 March 2013 in Hungary